Here at L’ETO we believe that great cakes can do great things...

Imagine walking into a room with a stunning cake and watch as everyone turns their head towards you whispering WOW, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE... That’s our GOAL. Armed with delicious and unique recipes, and bespoke decorations we want to bring you nothing but pure magic, deserving an honoured spot in your dining table.

Beyond our eye-catching designs, are unforgettable flavours that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. From chocolate to daring papaya cake, every slice promises a smile to your face. Now you can bring the joys of great tasting cakes to every occasion. Just order your cakes at L’ETO and get it delivered in 24 hours.

Weddings, birthdays and everything in between, L’ETO Cakes will surely bring CAKE MAGIC to your doorstep.


Our wedding cake was absolutely stunning. I was just breathless when I saw how they were able to get everything I want right, down to the very last detail. The flowers and the decoration tasted as luxurious as how it looked like. It was definitely the designer cake of my dreams. My wedding wouldn't feel as special if it wasn't for L'ETO's dedication to perfect all of my requests. Working with them was pure joy, and seeing our cake in person was indeed one of the highlights of my wedding. From now on, I would certainly get all of my cakes custom made at L'ETO!
My son always had a thing for everything sweet. For his birthday, I wanted to make sure that his cake would be the centerpiece of the occasion. He asked for a cake, and I want to make it extra special by getting something super delicious and beautiful. The chocolate cinnamon cake was mouth-watering, no wonder his friends kept on asking for second helpings. The cake that I ordered looked like a real spaceship; it wasn't until I had to cut it up, that everyone finally believed that it wasn't just a part of a decoration. L'ETO's custom cake completely made my son's birthday an unforgettable event.
"Wow" was the first thing that came out of my mouth when I saw my personalised Honey cake. When I got a taste of the cake, "Wow" seemed pretty inadequate to describe how delicious it was. Getting a cake from L'ETO is always super easy and fun. Click and collect/arrange a delivery in 24 hours. They make baking seem like a piece of cake.
When I first tasted L'ETO's Cake at a friend’s party, it was undeniably loved at first bite. Even my wife couldn't forget the mango and passion fruit cake. We tried other cakes after, but to no avail, nothing could ever compare to the distinct flavours of L'ETO cakes. That's why on our first anniversary, I figured that the best way to make her smile was to surprise her with one again! The design, the flavor, and everything were indeed worth the price. From now on, there's no need to worry about where to get the best cakes in town because I've found them here at L'ETO.
This year, I wanted to make Easter extra special but unfortunately, I'm a terrible baker. I figured the next best thing was, getting a custom cake that everyone in my family will enjoy. L'ETO's carrot cake was indeed a memorable addition to our dining table. Everyone couldn't get enough of it. The service was phenomenal! I couldn't believe that everything went smoothly despite the Easter rush. Ordering our cakes from L'ETO is indeed a treat!
The Valentine cake surprise was delightful. The two-tier cake, draped with flowers and strawberries was a stunner. My girlfriend agreed that the rose and lychee cake was even better than the usual roses and chocolates. And I couldn't agree more. The flavour was something I never had before and it was superb. I was pretty vague, with how I described my cake but working with L'ETO made it easier to come up with a concept. I really wish we could have preserved the cake, but it went away pretty fast. My friends loved it too. A massive thumbs up to L'ETO for making my valentine surprise a major success.
The cake we ordered from L’ETO was a big hit. I've always dreamed of a perfect party for my daughter's first birthday and L'ETO gave a cake that made this milestone even more meaningful. They recreated my daughter's favourite toy and decorated it with a miniature version of my baby. The cake was really adorable! I couldn't even bring myself to slice it, but when I had my first bite, the moist chiffon, and the rich cocoa filling made it impossible to stop eating. From flavour, decorations, to overall service L'ETO certainly did a fantastic job!
We celebrated our company's annual party, with an awesome Lemon, Almond and Blueberry cake. The cake stood out as the centerpiece of our decoration. It was a Hawaiian themed party and the design complemented our entire venue. It was super easy to work with L'ETO. My boss is strict about details, and I was so grateful that the process of ordering the cake was as seamless and easy as it could possibly be. More importantly, the cake was so mouth-watering everyone enjoyed every bit of it. I'll make sure to order L'ETO cakes for our next event!

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