Sumptuous Fruit & Nut Wedding Cake

Now cakes see high tops, creative designs, stylish structures and these elegant cakes are now the top priority of brides around town. The excitement we throw in when the cake is delivered at your doorstep will give you a wild adrenaline rush and you’ll be enthralled throughout your wedding.

Sumptuous Fruit & Nut Wedding Cake

Wedding Fruit Cake

A wedding reception is incomplete without a wedding cake.

In historic times, wedding cakes were considered to be a luxury and a status symbol while in modern times; it has evolved as more of an essential requirement for celebration. Wedding cakes ensure that your reception has the flavor that is necessary to make your guests fall in love with the creativity of your preparations. We at L’ETO, provide you the experience of a lifetime for the greatest occasion of your life. Our cakes are designed with the perfection and smoothness that will add a distinct value to your reception.

Wedding Fruit Cake

Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are now art pieces that enhance the decorative menu of the reception.

With flowers on its sides and decorative ribbons that add value to the whole cake, L’ETO designs cakes that are perfect blend to your wedding. Every bride has a dream cake and we prefer to make that dream come true. Our ability to transform the wedding celebration in a carnival through our stylish wedding cakes makes us the leader in the industry. Slide through our gallery of cakes and just keep your finger on the one you desire, and watch how quickly we deliver that desire into reality at your doorstep.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Brides are now having their wedding cakes look like gemstones. And, we can’t look away.

The latest trend for wedding cakes is the geode cake: a cake that looks like it has a piece of what looks like geode rock—like those big slabs of amethyst—baked right into it using bits of rock candy.

I used to make mud pies in my back yard with rocks in them all the time when I was a kid. Apparently I was ahead of my time; I should totally have been a baker.

Then again, maybe not. My mud-and-rock creations didn’t look anywhere as amazing as these beautiful cakes.

The trend lets brides bring more colour into their weddings in new and unique ways.

I seriously doubt you’re going to see this exact cake more than once.

And they just get more and more elaborate.

The level of detail cake makers are putting into the geodes is amazing.

Yep, you can eat that. But you almost don’t want to, it’s too pretty.

And all customisable.

You can do a more subtle feature…

Or go all out. It’s entirely up to you and your baker.

Who wouldn’t want a slice of this!?

Even if you’re not getting married, the geode cake is the pretty stunning way to celebrate anything. I’m thinking about getting one to celebrate having got through another Monday.

Wedding Cake