L’ETO Glass Teapot


To deliver the best and most memorable moments to our customers, at L'ETO we use only luxury glass teaware, and this stunning clarity glass teapot is one of our celebrities!

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It was designed to be the perfect shape for a blooming tea. This contemporary styled teapot has a removable coil strainer in the spout to filter loose leaf teas and ensure your tea is at its purest form. Maximum Teapot capacity is 700ml. Normal usage capacity is 600ml.

Our teapot is excellently sized to serve 2-3 large cups or many small cups in gong fu style. The glass itself is of the finest quality, borosilicate glass, that is fully heat resistant, dishwasher safe and will last you very many beautiful tea times!

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Teapot capacity is 700ml, sized to serve 2-3 large cups.