Dulce De Leche


“Oh, this one was my first cake crush. Believe me, this cake is a piece of heaven.” This amazing three milk cake topped with fresh berries is a “renaissance” cake-art of heaven.

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A cake is a special thing to any form of celebration. From birthdays to anniversaries, everyone wants something sweet that will make the day memorable. We know this well and that is why we’ve made the Dulce De Leche cake.
This is an amazing three milk cake that has been topped with fresh berries. Its Spanish name literally means caramel, sweet milk, or a candy made of milk. If you love traditional caramel, then you would find this cake even more delicious.
The cake is made using sweetened milk. The milk is cooked until it caramelizes. Much of the milk water is lost during the cooking resulting in a rich mix which is about a sixth of the original volume of milk.
Dulce de Leche is the kind of cake you will need for sweet celebrations. Its defined caramel profile and meringue buttercream give it a buttery flavor and soft texture that is ideal for heavenly celebrations. Of course, you don’t have to wait for a big day to enjoy a piece of this wonderful cake that gained legendary status 🙂


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Flour, butter, eggs, four milk mix, vanilla, fresh berries
Gluten, dairy, eggs
Please note that all our products are made in kitchens that handle nuts