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Address: Unit 6, 2 Linford street, London, SW84AB

L’ETO caffe 5 branches in London: Brompton, Soho, King’s Road, Belgravia, Mayfair

L’ETO caffe is where summer goes on… Healthy happy lifestyle has never tasted so sweet!

L'ETO brings people together from all walks of life to enjoy the delight of eating. It's all about making unforgettable memories and enjoying delicious moments with friends, family and comrades. Discover L’ETO, it might be your gate to true happiness.

L’ETO CAFFE has 5 branches in London, 3 in Dubai and 1 in Qatar whisking you away with imaginative savoury flavours and mouth-watering desserts that only few mortals can resist. Our philosophy blends the heart and mind of nutritious and healthy dining where the secret ingredient is always Love.

“L’ETO is a place where we truly believe in tasty, homemade and simple yet delicious food cooked with care and attention to detail” says Artem Login, Founder & CEO of L’ETO. “Our vision is to forge new creative journeys into a palatable adventure where every customer feels at home and as if at a family table.”

At L’ETO we are deliberately serious about making people happy through the virtue of our food. Whether you are feasting your eyes on our famous cake display, or enjoying a la carte in one of our cafés, or ordering personalised cakes from our online store, the food that we create is unreservedly portrayed as vivid, striking, aesthetically pleasing & mouth-watering, ‘sunny’ at its best! Full of intriguing contradictions, our dishes are simple yet sophisticated, extraordinary yet familiar, peaceful yet with a handful of surprising drama.

Think succulent and spectacular Mediterranean influenced dishes like Teriyaki Salmon, Roasted Rosemary Turkey, Honey Roasted Pumpkin and Kale… Think Mushroom Quiche and Sweet Potato with Quinoa Yoghurt. Think fantastic baking with the best desserts in town: who can resist Pistachio Rose & Raspberry Cake, Black Forest Meringue, Baileys Cheesecake, Caribbean Carrot Cake, Chia Seeds Brownie, Birdberry Cake, or Dulce De Leche Cake that will send you into cake ecstasy. Let’s don’t forget to mention L’ETO all-time bestseller with over 1 million pieces sold – honey cake. As you press your fork through its tender layer, you experience the infantile spirit of joy, happiness, and playfulness. All so familiar, yet acutely modern too. Our enticing signature desserts can also be delivered right to your door within 24hrs! L’ETO well-defined innovative at its core concept means that we run a no-nonsense all-awesome operations.

L'ETO also offers a great variety of bespoke and personalised cakes that make the perfect centrepiece for your special occasion. If our custom cake ideas would be translated into songs, they would sound like a mix between Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and PSY’s Gangnam Style –an insanely detailed professional approach of the crafting process, combined with the playfulness of the infantile spirit. From weddings & birthdays to getting a driving license, from Chelsea Football Champions Cake & custom sweet treats for the British Polo Day to Angry Birds edible creations, our confectionary delights will hands down delight and amaze your guests.

As the sun rises and ignites our thoughts, L'ETO offerings give you delight. If there is a place that tastes like heaven, inevitably, L'ETO will take you there.


Notes to editor:

7 amazing years L'ETO caffe since 11th of February 2011

9 restaurants across the globe in 3 different countries

437 people employed from over 130 countries

15 million pieces of cake sold out of which 1 million pieces of honey cake sold

737 menu items created

coffee consumed - enough to fill the Big Ben

people fed 1,788,500 from whom 4 members of the Royal Family and 1 ex-husband of Katy Perry

153,300 min stuck in traffic whilst delivering L’ETO cakes

7 marriage proposals done in L'ETO caffes

L’ETO’s creativity and passion have earned us many positive reviews. Here are a few:

L’ETO CAFFE’s full range of creations & more info can be viewed at


L'ETO CAFFE Brompton

243 Brompton Road, London, UK, SW3 2EP

Phone Number: 02036217700

L'ETO CAFFE Belgravia

10 West Halkin Street, London, SW1X 8JL

Phone Number: 02072356415


155 Wardour Street, London, W1F 8WG

Phone Number: 02074944991

L'ETO CAFFE King’s Road

149 King’s Road, London, SW3 5TX

Phone Number: 02073517656


46-48 Shepherd Market, London W1J7QS

Phone Number: 02076293985


Maria [email protected]