Astrologers say that Zodiac signs can define people's food preferences. So at L'ETO we have dug deep to create the cakes that embody every astrological sign, so you can have a custom treat that's 100% YOU in 2018. We've successfully nailed the answer to the question, "Which cake is best for my Zodiac sign?"

ARIES - You love adventure and surprises.

Spontaneous, energetic and adventurous, you enjoy desserts that are unexpected, so when it comes to cakes, you veer toward the unexpected. That's why our Chocolate Cinnamon Cake is the ideal desert to suit your taste and love for adventure.

You’re daring at heart and live in the thrill of the moment. Trying new things is your forte, so this mash-up of two popular flavors is so you.

There's nothing vanilla about the Aries man or woman, so this Chocolate Cinnamon Cake represents you in every way. The burst of fruity toppings is refreshing and down your alley.

TAURUS - You're dependable and trustworthy.

You’re determined and have aspirations as high as the peak of our Carrot Cake. Because you are steady, this classic cake represents you in every way.

Everyone knows you are reliable, so your perfect cake had to be simple and dependable. This Carrot Cake goes perfectly well with your demeanour and is intensely moist. Enjoy!

GEMINI - Flirty, fun and witty.

It's not that you're wishy-washy, but you just like to try a little bit of everything. This Blueberry Tart is packed with blueberries, just like you're bursting with vitality.

Smart, passionate and dynamic, you have different sides and your taste could possibly change from one day to the next. But this cake totally gets you because it has the kind of vivacious and gregarious energy that will keep you interested.

CANCER - Deeply loyal friend and a homebody.

Your emotions are as deep as the ocean and your friends and family often have a hard time figuring you out. Because your taste is homely, L'ETO figured your cake preference.

Our Chocolate Fudge Cake will excite your taste buds. Just like you, its traditional and taste just like your great grannies recipe — but with a more modern oomph. Because you're true to your roots, this timeless dessert will remind you of home sweet home.

LEO - The King of the jungle and the life of the party.

Leos' are showy and demand attention. Your perfect cake touches on personality traits such as your charisma and your natural ability to charm. Our famous Rose and Lycee Cake is a great choice for 2018 and will blow you away.

It is a great attention grabbing slice of heaven and tastes even better. Decadent and flavourful, every Leo will love the taste of this cake and they'll add it to their bag of party tricks all year round.

VIRGO - Caring and reserved.

Confident, caring and honest are all the characteristics you pride yourself on. You have a sensitive side, and you're a tough nut to crack. But no matter your intricate character traits, L'ETO has got you covered for 2018.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this Sea Buckthorn & Red Currant Cake. This dessert is your perfect match and is a truly special work of art just like every Virgo.

LIBRA - You appreciate beautiful things.

It's not only visually beautiful desserts that appeal to your sense of perfection, you will adore our Raspberry Meringue Cake that is simple, delicious and a wonder to look at.

A perfect cake for social situations with a mix of flavors that will revitalise your energy and appeal to your aesthetic sense.

SCORPIO - Fierce, determined and cool.

At L'ETO we put a lot of forethought into this list, and that is why you'll find that your tastes and interests align with the cakes nicely. For instance, Scorpios will enjoy this rich and decadent Dulce De Leche cake because it is just as fierce as they are.

You are powerful, wise and an old soul’ at heart, these resilient characteristics make you intense and mysterious, so obviously you crave a cake that's every bit as exotic. This cake is topped with fresh berries and layers of cream. It's an absolute delight that will keep you connected to your essence.

SAGITTARIUS - With great sense of humour and optimistic.

Full of life, optimistic and free-spirited, you believe everything is possible and our Raspberry Semolina Cake is great because it connects with your free-spirited side.

Inspired by the traditional Greek recipes, the cake is reminiscent of mid-summer fun and because you love trying new things, this twist on a classic will make an impressive impact on your taste senses and be your true cake companion.

CAPRICORN - You're dependable and a go-getter.

You’re patient, nurturing and plan to look back one day and be proud of all your accomplishments. Nothing defines your character and tastes better than our Old Fashion Chocolate Cake.

Sure, you can buy just any over-the-top, insane cake, but L'ETO brings you a masterpiece that will set the pace for success, love and so much more in 2018.

AQUARIUS - You are original and creative.

No other cake in the L'ETO collection screams of creativity like this green herb cake. Because you are not afraid to try new things, celebrate 2018 with a cake that's as imaginative as you are.

You’re a complete adventurer with a lot of energy you often don’t know what to do with. This cake is different and original, just like you! While most people will opt for vanilla or chocolate, you are not most people and this Green Herb Cake is more your taste.

PISCES - You're intuitive, empathetic and generous.

A generous helping is what you deserve of L'ETO Napoleon Cake. You’re mysterious, docile and very resilient, but your imagination is wild and this cake totally gets you.

Your taste for dessert represents you in every way because you are imaginative and see a lot of beauty in the world. We know you'll love this divine cake-art with flaky pastry layers lavishly filled with custard and strawberry toppings. Yummy!