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Gone are the days of predictable vegetarian meals! Skip the same ol’ chicken sandwiches and upgrade to this outside-the-lunch-box surprise!
Get yourself a lunch box to look forward to – wonderful, zingy dish, perfect for an upbeat healthy health-boosting lunch to feel ridiculously good and to stay positively fuelled through the afternoon! .

Fancy a lunch box?

Fire Box

The Detoxifier

Ingredients: Beetroot dressing, Beetroot Quinoa Cabbage Salad, Lemon, Organic Wild Rocket, Sweet Potato, Hummus
Price: £8.90
.Bon Appétit.



Ingredients: Carrots, Curly Kale, Green Beans, Kale,
Organic Red amaranth cress, Rice, Romaine Lettuce, Sunflower Seeds
Price: £8.90
.Bon Appétit.


Cool Box

Sweet SPOTato

Ingredients: Cabbage Salad, Lemon, Organic Raw Buckweat,
Quinoa Yoghurt, Red cress, Wild Rocket, Sweet Potato
Price: £8.90
.Bon Appétit.

Salm Box

Hail to the Kale

Ingredients: Teriyaki Sauce, Black Sesame Seeds Broccoli,
Crushed Chillies, Curly Kale, Salt Romaine lettuce, Salmon Price: £9.90
.Bon Appétit.

Nr.1 Box

Get Ur Greens On

Ingredients: Apple, Bulgur Dressing, Chia Seeds, Dill, Fennel,
Parsley, raddichio, lettuce, WIld Rocket, Sweet Potato,
Fritata, White Almonds
Price: £8.90
.Bon Appétit.

Eden Box

The Eden Flavours

Ingredients: Chicken & Dill Fricadelle, cooked Red Quinoa,
Organic Alfalfa Roquette, Wild Yutaka Shelled edamame
Price: £7.90
.Bon Appétit.


Boom Box

Pasta La Vista

Ingredients: Barberry, Coriander, Moroccan Style chicken Olive Oil,
Pomegranate Dressing, Quinoa Linguine
Price: £8.50
.Bon Appétit.

Vita Box

The Vitamins Kit

Ingredients: Bulgur Dressing, Cabbage Salad,
Spinach & Mushroom Quiche
Price: £7.90
.Bon Appétit.


Wild Box

Boost of a Wild Rocket

Ingredients: Beetroot, Bulgur Dressing, Coriander Cranberries,
Curly Kale, Bulgur, Goji berries, Pumpkin, Romaine lettuce
Price: £8.90
.Bon Appétit.


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