L'ETO = Summer

While a lot has changed since we opened our first caffe in 2011 – the L’ETO team has grown, 5 new locations have blossomed along with a thriving on-line store; titillating new ingredients fill our shelves, even bigger platters hold even taller displays of food – the core, essentially, has never changed. L’ETO philosophy remains the same. The philosophy that blends the heart and mind of nutritious and healthy dining complemented by palatable variety of desserts that few mortals can resist. Such key ingredients of L’ETO bloom as our staff members who’ve been together for many years, dishes originating from tried-and-true recipes, our distinctive cakes, flavoursome regional breakfast choices, a la carte menu, and outside-the-lunchbox surprise allow us to continue bringing pleasure and delights to our wonderful customers.

Now, imagine...

... each of our 5 branches serving succulent and spectacular Mediterranean influenced dishes like Teriyaki Salmon, Roasted Rosemary Turkey, or Honey Roasted Pumpkin and Kale. How about a Mushroom Quiche or Sweet Potato with Quinoa Yoghurt? Top off your meal by selecting from a choice of the best desserts in town. Who can resist Pistachio Rose & Raspberry Cake, Birdberry Cake, or Dulce De Leche Cake that will send you into cake ecstasy. These are just a few of our enticing desserts that can also be delivered right to your door within 24hrs! Our well-defined concept means that we run a no-nonsense all-awesome operations.

Simply put, we are deliberately serious about making our amazing customers happy through the virtue of our food. Whether you are feasting your eyes on our famous cake display, or enjoying a la carte in one of our 6 caffes, or ordering personalised cakes from our online store, the food that we create is unreservedly portrayed as vivid, striking, aesthetically pleasing & mouth-watering, ‘sunny’ at its best! Full of intriguing contradictions, our dishes are simple yet sophisticated, extraordinary yet familiar, peaceful yet with a handful of surprising drama.

We persist with infinite passion and steadfast dedication to bring you the best quality results from the purest of ingredients,
hour after hour, day after day, and year after year.

We stand by our commitment to bring you the most pleasurable eating experiences and memories that count!