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We bring the magic of great cooking to you, wherever you may be!
Imagine being in a restaurant where you can have it all. From Regional Breakfast dishes to a rich range of Display Foods to a Fine Dining A La Carte menu, and last but not least, our main attraction - the outstanding range of Unique Cakes.

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Gone are the days of predictable vegetarian meals! Skip the same ol’ chicken sandwiches and upgrade to this outside-the-lunch-box surprise!
Get yourself a lunch box to look forward to – wonderful, zingy dish, perfect for an upbeat healthy health-boosting lunch to feel ridiculously good and to stay positively fuelled through the afternoon! .

We have 6 amazing branches in London

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We know this is the most important thing when you come to us to celebrate your special occasion. We’ve helped make every celebration, no matter how big or small, memorable for everyone involved. Our clients come to rely upon our cooking experience. Contact our creative event menu designers today to work on your personalized menu concepts.

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Custom cakes

Looking for custom cakes with the WOW factor? Our personalised & bespoke cakes make a seriously sweet centerpiece at any special occasion. L'ETO custom cakes are skillfully crafted to amaze and delight you and your guests. Contact our creative event menu designers today to work on your personalised cake.

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