Our list of winter drinks

Winter Drinks


The cold has arrived and inspired us to create our unique drinks to make you feel warm this winter. From hot chocolates to smoothies, we give you plenty of options to enjoy this season with a new Menu full of creativity.

Mulled Wine L'ETO

Mulled Wine


It’s time to take the wine out of the cabinet and warm it up. Our Mulled Wine made with red wine, cranberry juice and a touch of vanilla sugar will heat your body and your heart.

White Hot Chocolate


Inspired by the snowy time we wanted to create something to remind you the beauty of the white season with three options of White Hot Chocolates to hug you from the inside.

Lavander White Hot Chocolate L'ETO

Lavander White Hot Chocolate


First of them, the Lavander White Hot Chocolate. An unusual aromatic combination of floral lavender and melted hot chocolate with milk, just three ingredients creating a fantastic composition.

Matcha White Hot Chocolate L'ETO

Matcha White Hot Chocolate


Following the lead, we present the Matcha White Hot Chocolate. The perfect balance between the fresh bitter taste of matcha and the sweet white chocolate.

Pistachio White Hot Chocolate

Pistachio White Hot Chocolate


And for the third choice, we created the Pistachio White Hot Chocolate. It is served with melted white chocolate and rose petals to give it the final touch. The favorite nut couldn’t be out of our specials.

We are known for our cakes, and we are happy about it. So inspired by it, L’ETO presents your three different smoothies with the softness and combination that will blow your mind.


Carrot Cake Smoothie L'ETO

Carrot Cake Smoothie


The first one, a classic Carrot Cake Smoothie made with fresh carrot and almond milk. The flavorous combination topped up with coconut will give you everything needs to keep up along the way.

Apple Pie Smoothie L'ETO

Apple Pie Smoothie


The second, the Apple Pie Smoothie is a healthy option for this season. Combined with a taste of honey and cinnamon, will keep you healthy and boost your immune system.

Black Forest Smoothie L'ETO

Black Forrest Smoothie


The third one to finish in the best way possible, we offer you the Black Forrest Smoothie. A mix of almond milk, avocado and cranberries with a splash of raw cacao is a must, you should try.

For the Coffee lovers, we present our new Lattes.  A selection of two new latte combination to make your winter much warmer.

Matcha Latte L'ETO

Green Matcha Latte


For those who want to go green, we prepared the Green Matcha Latte. A healthy combo of matcha powder, milk and a little bit of vanilla to give a sweet taste to this particular and beneficial drink.

Chai and Cinnamon Latte L'ETO

Chai and Cinnamon Latte


Our last but not least drink: the Chai and Cinnamon Latte. The perfect blend of a rich black tea with milk topped up with a sweet-spicy cinnamon flavour.


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