Watt Juices


Watt Juices


We took our juices to a higher electrical level. We were inspired by James Watt’s invention. Instead of 1 joule per second we defined our unit as 1 juice per person and can be used to express the rate of energy a person can get out of the juice.

We invented a selection of 3 juices: 1KWatt, 40 Watt, and 60 Watt. It’s up to you which one would fill the energy gap you have.


We were also inspired by Thomas Edison’s invention: the light bulb. Hence, we tried to put the energizing drink into a light bulb. We invite you to see the results below:

Watt Juices L'ETO

1 KWatt Juice


L’ETO Caffe is presenting you the 1 KWatt Juice. A wide range of flavors extracted from raw parsnips, a seriously red apple empowered with the unrecognizable ginger juice and the mildly aromatic turmeric juice.

Watt Juices L'ETO

40 Watt Juice


We will energize you with the 40 Watt Juice. These drinks are featuring an electrical combination between green pears and cucumber merging with ginger and celery juice.

Watt Juices L'ETO

60 Watt Juice


The last but not the least important we present you an electrifying juice, the 60 Watt Juice. A fantastic aromatic flavor is given by the freshness of the red grapes combined with carrots and touched up by lemon and beetroot juice.

Starting the beginning of December L’ETO Caffe is  inviting you to electrify your day with the juices presented above at some of our branches in London(Brompton, Kings Road, Soho and Belgravia)

Count the memories, not the calories.


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