Honey Cake

Honey Cake

Chances are if you’ve been to any of L’ETO caffe’s branches you must have tried our Honey Cake. Without a doubt, you noticed the complexity, the softness, and the rustic aspect of the cake, which our pastry chef with his team excelled at. However, if you didn’t try it yet, here you can see which branch is closer to you and we assure you that you are more than welcome at any of our locations. Please let us know what do you think after you taste our Honey Cake.

The History of Honey Cake.

Let’s go back in the 18-19 century, when  Alexander I was the czar of Russia also he was the first Russian King of Poland, as well as the first Russian Grand Duke of Finland. But we should focus on his wife  Elizabeth Alexeievna, she was distinguished by a soft, melodious voice, and a beautiful oval face, with delicate features. With an elegant figure, regal carriage and a beautiful angelic face she was to be considered one of the most beautiful women in Europe.

The legend says that the Honey Cake was created in the 1820’s by the well-known personal chef for the wife of Alexander I. Obviously, the chef had as an inspiration wife’s personality and her distinguished beautifulness, as we can describe the cake as the history describes Elizabeth. The legend  also says that the delicate layers of honey sponge were so thin and moist they tasted like softened caramel.

Elegant, sophisticated and simply tasty.


As we know the simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, as the main ingredients are: Honey, Butter, Sour Cream, Sugar, Walnuts. The idea of something elegant has everything with the simplicity of it. Our Honey Cake look and style are elegant, sophisticated and simply tasty.


We will start sharing some nutrition facts as: and individual cake has approximately 387 calories and 4 grams of protein.

The honey cake is well known even in Jewish tradition, as the Honey Cake is a sweet and stodgy tradition. The Jewish New Year, begins at sunset Sunday night, and in symbolic hope for a sweet year to come, many Jews will eat a slice of Honey Cake. The tradition see’s the Honey Cake something sentimental.


I will just quote some reviews from TripAdvisor:


Must try honey cake – Michelleyuxy


Best desserts in Town! – europetraveller68


If you are a cake and sweet treats lover, this place is for you! – OmaimaElHaouass



We invite you to try our Honey Cake at any of our branches, we would love to hear you feedback therefore please share a photo with our honey cake on facebook or instagram by using the hashtag: #honeycake and also please tag us so we could reward you!


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