Count the memories not the calories

Count the memories, not the calories.

“Memory” is not obese.

We just discovered an interesting research published in the International Journal of Obesity that has shown that laughing literally burns roughly 10-40 calories per day.
The sad part is that we laugh approximately 15 minutes a day, and a day has 1440 minutes. How awesome would it be for you to be a professional laughter athletic?

Yes, we know 40 calories is not much, but it does make a difference. Further, laughing has also been shown to have a positive influence on the immune system. Basically, your body wants you to laugh more in order to be healthy, it’s cheesy we know, but the truth is that a genuine laughter can impact your day and mood in a fantastic way.

We believe it’s good if you are a count-the-calories kind of person as you want to be healthy – but we would suggest a single thing: in the end you will smile remembering the crazy, full of life and unique memories you had with friends, family or just random people, which makes it even better.

Why do we love cakes?

Did you ever wonder why do humans love cake? Obviously, our body needs “fuel” from the sugar and the taste of sweet is pleasing. But why don’t we just grab 30 grams of sugar in a large spoon and just eat it ? Instead, we tend to love cakes, chocolate, and juices?

Well, the answer is simple, our body is quite sophisticated and as we prefer the sophisticated, simple but flavored taste and the smell has an important role in our eating experience. Also, the look of the soon-to-be-devoured food increases the pleasure of the eating experience.

We love amazing experiences, we love to immortalize the moment and enjoy it as much as we can – a great memory is a great story, great stories describes a great life.

Enjoy life by counting the memories.

We invite you to be ready for great memories! Start your day by being positive about everything, having a bad day? Well, fake it until you make it, or just enjoy a cake from our shop with somebody you would like to create memories together.

Boost your willing of creating great memories by having desserts, drinks, lunch or dinner at one of our L’ETO branches. If you want to share a great memory you had with us, contact and let us know, we love hearing from you.



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