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Sensational & bespoke as you want it to be…

From private events to weddings and private jets catering, we bring you the best of L'ETO experience wherever you may be.

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Our maestro chef can create anything captured by your dream: from delightful assortments of incredibly tasty morsels that impress & inspire to large scale culinary masterpieces tailored to the theme and ambience of your very special requirements

Canapé Menu

minimum order 10 pieces
prices below exclude VAT

Dessert Menu

minimum order 10 pieces


We know this is the most important thing when you come to us to celebrate your special occasion. We’ve helped make every celebration, no matter how big or small, memorable for everyone involved. Our clients come to rely upon our cooking experience. Contact our creative event menu designers today to work on your personalized menu concepts.

Private jets catering

we do that too!

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