Our list of winter drinks

It’s time to take the wine out of the cabinet and warm it up. Our Mulled Wine made with red wine, cranberry juice and a touch of vanilla sugar will heat your body and your heart.

Watt Juices

We took our juices to a higher electrical level. We present you our new electrifying selection of drinks: 40 Watt, 60 Watt, and 1 KWatt Juice.

Kids Eat For Free

Starting this month we would like to invite your family ( and kids ) on our L’ETO Kings Road Branch! Where you can experience a fresh breakfast, a restful and energizing lunch time or a memorable dinner along with your family or friends.

5 Things to do in London on Halloween

Halloween is coming and London as each year is just getting more crazier than the previous year! Count the memories not the calories.

Count the memories not the calories

In the end, you will smile remembering the crazy, full of life and unique memories you had with friends, family or just random people, which makes it even better.

Honey Cake

Chances are if you’ve been to any of L’ETO caffe’s branches you must have tried our Honey Cake. Without a doubt, you noticed the complexity, the softness, and the rustic aspect of the cake, which our pastry chef with his team excelled at.

50 Free Breakfasts each day

We are not kidding. Due to the fact that is summer and L’ETO means summer in Russian we would like for a week to give free 50 breakfasts every single day! Isn’t that amazing?