50 Free Breakfasts each day

During 8-13 August we are offering 50 breakfasts each day.

We are not kidding. Due to the fact that is summer and L’ETO means summer in Russian we would like for a week to give free 50 breakfasts every single day! Isn’t that amazing? If you live near Kings Road you are lucky as we invite you to start your day with a great breakfast! For the brave ones we start at 7:30 AM, therefore the first 50 people joining the caffe will get a free breakfast.

L’ETO Kings Road

This offer will only happen on our Kings Road branch.  L’ETO on King’s Road offers scrumptious breakfast, a la carte lunch and dinner, as well as your favourite cakes. This cosy, warm and refined cafe is the perfect place to start a day. However, we invite you to our Kings Road branch anytime (149 King’s Road, London, SW3 5TX).

Count the memories not the calories

We believe the memories are more important than the calories. You can burn lots of calories just by laughing while you have a healthy breakfast with your best friend, your love one or just a random person. We encourage you to stop count the calories, the money or the time you got left today and just create amazing, memorable, last-longing memories. Be adventurous today and create amazing memories at L’ETO caffe branch in Kings Road, it’s for free, literally.

Don’t forget

Don’t forget to share us on facebook, twitter or instagram. Also do not forget to give us feedback when you will try our breakfasts. And the last don’t forget is  that you should not forget to try our coffee – you will love it.


See you there,

L’ETO team.


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